(2023, January 27). Toronto tenants were told they could move back in after renovations. 3 years later, they’re still waiting. CBC News.

Delroy Curling just wants to return to the downtown Toronto apartment he lived in for 47 years.

The long-time renter was told he had to leave 11 Walmer Rd. in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, where he was paying about $1,300 a month, three years ago for a renovation.

“Since the building has been finished, they’ve ignored us completely,” said Curling. “I feel sad. I should be the first one to move back in”

The Residential Tenancies Act states if a tenant is asked to vacate a unit for extensive repairs or renovations, that tenant can choose to move back in after the work is complete without a substantial rent increase, as long as they inform their landlord in writing they intend to return. But advocates say with no enforcement, tenants who have made their intentions known have all too often been left in a quagmire, in this case, for years.