(2021, December 15). Tenants fight proposed demolition of Toronto apartment building to make way for condo tower. CTV News.

A group of tenants are fighting the proposed demolition of their apartment building in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood to make way for a new condo tower.

The 12-storey, 130-unit apartment building at 145 St. George Street was built in 1959.

Tenants are raising concerns about being forced into the expensive rental market if the proposal is accepted.

“It’s not an area that prescribed necessarily for intensification,” said Layton, who adds that if approved, the development could set a precedent for the rest of the neighbourhood.

“It could set a precedent that moves through an apartment neighbourghood up zoning all of them, displacing all those residents, which could in fact result in a lot more people looking for affordable rental housing in a neighbourghood it doesn’t necessarily have.”