Stop the Demolition of a Good Quality Rental Apartment building.

Located in the heart of the Annex Neighbourhood, 145 St. George Apartments, a modernist gem, is meeting its existing usability mandate.

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Our Values, 145 St. George Tenants’ Committee

Impact on the overall Neighbourhood

If passed, the proposed Zoning By-law amendment, will encourage a domino effect of further evictions and similar demolitions in the Annex, and Toronto.

Why destroy a good quality building?

The destruction of a fully-tenanted building currently housing over 150 people that is meeting its utilization mandate and is well maintained.

Negative impact on the Environment

The detrimental impact on the environment of demolishing a viable rental building. Sustainability and embedded energy.

Have a Look at Our Beautiful Building


– Architect of Record: Crang & Boake
– Architectural Style: Modernist
– Building Completion: 1959
– Recent Renovations: 2019, 2020

Entrance to building at night with Christmas lights above in balcony.

Our Neighbourhood, the Annex

The Annex is a diverse neighbourhood that provides housing options for a variety income groups, a wide range of professional backgrounds and university along with college students.

Renters make up 70% of the residents in the Annex neighbourhood. It provides important housing options for all income groups.

The Annex Residents’ Association is a volunteer-run organization. It is one of the oldest residents’ associations in Canada.

Our Community