About us

We are a volunteer group of tenants who are concerned about rental housing in the city. Our homes are at 145 St George Street, a 12-storey building of 130 apartments. Currently, Applications proposing the rezoning of the site, and demolition of the residential building are being considered by the City of Toronto, seeking to replace the current fully-tenanted, viable apartment building with a 29-storey building.

As residents of 145 St. George Street, we have formed a Tenants’ Committee to help our neighbours learn more about the proposed demolition and redevelopment, and to facilitate their participation in the public engagement process.   The focus of the 145 St. George Street Tenants’ Committee is to communicate information, facilitate strategic planning, and provide solidarity among tenants, as well as within the community, in order to prevent the demolition of 145 St. George Street Apts.

Below are a few of our concerns with the proposal to demolish our apartment building.

(a.) The Impact on the overall neighbourhood.

If passed, the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment will encourage a domino effect of further evictions and similar demolitions in the Annex, and Toronto. The buildings marked in red are all 7-15 storey rental apartment buildings along St. George.

(b.) Why destroy a good quality rental apartment building?

If passed, the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment would result in the destruction of a fully-tenanted building currently housing over 150 people that is meeting its utilization mandate and is well maintained.

(c.) The negative impact on the environment with regard to embedded energy and carbon pollution.

If passed, the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment could lead to detrimental impacts on the environment and the surrounding neighbourhood caused by demolition and the resulting release of carbon and other pollutants.