(2023, April 21). Torontonians facing ‘demoviction’ are organizing to fight for their right to housing. CP24 News.

Cancer survivor Annette Trevorrow loves her home in downtown Toronto.

But, that could all change by early next year as the rent-controlled apartment in the 24-storey, 259-unit high-rise that Trevorrow has called home for eight years is slated to be torn down.

Geoff Hayworth, a tenant organizer with the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations, said so far this year he’s seen a notable uptick in the number of renters in the city raising concerns about being displaced by demolition or renovations.

Earlier this year, those renters started working with tenants at 25 St. Mary St. and 145 St. George St. and founded a new group called No Demovictions.