(2023, April 6). ‘It actually means homelessness’: tenants fight against demovictions. Humber News.

When Meagan Kee heard a developer purchased her midtown Toronto apartment building, she knew a demolition notice may soon follow.

Kee said for many of the residents living at 55 Brownlow Ave., the threat of eviction will not only result in displacement, but may also lead to homelessness.

The tenants association at 55 Brownlow Ave. organized a rally on April 1 to fight against the demovictions taking place across the city.

The rally was organized in partnership with tenants associations at 25 St. Mary St. and 145 St. George St., both rent controlled apartments that also received demoviction notices.

Tenants gathered outside of 25 St. Mary St. before marching over to 145 St. George St.